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The Community Foundation for Greater Rome had an unusual start.  When it launched in late 2015, it had no money.  “All we had was the commitment of the people sitting around the table,” said Ashley Ellington the foundation’s first Executive Director.  From those commitments, however, great things have happened.

In all of its funds, the foundation now holds over $1,000,000.  “On top of what we’ve gathered,” says, Joel Snider, the current Executive Director, “we’ve given away almost $300,000.”

With this early success, what challenges does the Foundation face?  “People think you have to have lots of money to make a difference,” says Snider.  “Nothing could be further from the truth.  Generous people come from all walks of life.” 

The Foundation’s new giving emphasis hopes to appeal to a broad cross-section of donors .  They call the campaign Give 2020.  Their goal is to find  people willing to give $20 a month for 20 months.  “When you add small gifts together, they become a large amount,” said Snider.

The Foundation will use these new gifts to increase its ability to support important initiatives in Rome and Floyd County.  “People want to know their gifts have impact no matter how much they give,” said, Ed Watters, the chair of the Foundation’s board.  “We can help people give confidently that any gift can be a powerful force in our community.”

Anyone wishing to give can visit our “Donate” page.   Individuals who choose to give $20 for 20 months will complete their giving in December, 2020.



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