South Rome Community Grants

2024 South Rome Community Grant Guidelines


South Rome Alliance is proud to offer the second annual South Rome Community Grants to support groups and organizations working to make South Rome an active community where all residents can thrive. Grants will be made for projects that create greater community health, wealth, and cohesion in the South Rome neighborhood. 


Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2024

Grant Size: up to $15,000, but we encourage projects in the $5,000-$10,000 range

Direct Questions to: or Bobby Jones at 


Background Info

South Rome Alliance (SRA) is a community development nonprofit working to develop and support high-quality mixed-income housing, cradle to college educational opportunities, and community investments that attract and retain residents of all backgrounds in the South Rome neighborhood of Rome, GA. Since 2002, SRA has helped develop over 150 affordable rental units and a dozen affordable homes for sale, started and operated an award-winning early learning center, and attracted millions of dollars in public and private investment to a community which has experienced decades of disinvestment.


Purpose of Grants

The purpose of the South Rome Community Grant is to benefit the community and residents of the South Rome neighborhood. Only projects that occur within this neighborhood or are specifically designed to benefit residents of this neighborhood will be considered for the grant.


We are looking for projects that:

1) create new educational opportunities for South Rome residents,

2) create a sense of community and belonging in South Rome, or 

3) improve the quality of life for South Rome residents. 


While we will accept proposals from organizations that operate outside of South Rome, priority will be given to projects that are led by or have support of South Rome residents.


The ideal project for a South Rome Community Grant will:

1) be created or led by someone with strong ties to the South Rome community

2) clearly meet a need that is not being met in South Rome

3) bring together partners, particularly if the grant can help leverage outside investment into South Rome, and

4) show that it can make a big impact in the community with a realistic budget and timeline.


Eligibility Guidelines


We Only Fund:

  • Projects led by 501(c)3 nonprofits, churches, or organized groups of community members with a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor

  • Projects that occur in the South Rome neighborhood or that primarily benefit residents of the South Rome neighborhood

We Prioritize:

  • Projects led by South Rome residents and/or with demonstrated support from South Rome residents

  • Projects that clearly demonstrate an unmet need in the community

  • Projects that foster collaboration between multiple partners

  • Projects that can use this grant to leverage outside funding/investment into South Rome

  • Projects that can show sustained impact after the grant period ends

  • Projects that provide a great impact for the investment


We Do NOT Fund:

  • Individuals

  • Projects that only benefit one individual or household

  • Capital campaigns

  • Deficit financing and debt retirement

  • Endowments

  • Political organization or campaigns

  • Lobbying legislators or influencing elections

  • Special fundraising events/celebration functions

  • Projects that are typically the funding responsibility of federal, state or local governments

  • Programs that have already taken place or will be completed before May

How to Apply

Applicants can submit proposals three ways: fill out the Google Form, email a word document or pdf (3 pages or less), or submit a video or audio recording of you answering the questions (10 minutes or less). All proposals should answer each of the following questions:

      1. Who are you? Describe your organization/group and why you are uniquely qualified to make this project happen.

      2. What are you trying to solve? Describe the problem your project is trying to solve or the opportunity you are taking advantage of.

      3. How will you do it? Describe your project. List your goals. Break it down into steps with a timeline.

      4. What does success look like? Describe how you will evaluate whether or not your project meets your goals or not.

      5. How will you continue the project? If your project will last more than a year or have a budget larger than the grant amount, how will you keep it going?

      6. What’s your project budget? Provide a detailed list of project expenses and, if applicable, other sources of income for your project.

***If you are submitting a grant through any means other than the Google Form, please include your name, email address, phone number, and federal EIN so we can contact you.


All proposals should be submitted online or by email to by the end of the day on Monday, April 1st, 2024. Late proposals will be reviewed at the discretion of the grant review committee.


Review Process


Funding decisions will be made by an independent grant review committee that includes 3 representatives from SRA, 2 additional South Rome residents, and 2 representatives from the Community Foundation for Greater Rome. While we hope to make grants to several projects in 2024, the number of grants and amount given out is at the discretion of the grant review committee. 


The grant review committee will grade grant proposals based on the following criteria corresponding with each question listed above:


    1. Is this the right organization for this project?

    2. Is the project meeting an important need or opportunity?

    3. Does the project plan make sense and seem achievable?

    4. Does the project have a clear goal?

    5. Will the project continue after the grant is spent?

    6. Does the budget seem realistic and achievable?