First Christian Church Makes Major Gift

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Executive Director, Joel Snider, receives a check from members of First Christian Church.

The remaining members of First Christian Church are small in number, but large in hearts.  They sold their building months ago and in the last few weeks worshipped together for the last time.    But their ministry will go on in new ways.

In November the remaining members voted to give away the proceeds from the sale of their building to local groups that reflect their Christian values.  “We have closed our doors, but other organizations will flourish from our gifts” said Jane Slickman, a long term member. “It’s a reflection of the resurrection,” she added.  “Our ministry will go on in a new way.”

Consequently, on Monday, three members of the church presented the Community Foundation with a check for $80,000.   The money will create an endowed fund at the Foundation.  “We will manage the fund in a way that it distributes money every year to local a local nonprofit that expresses the unique commitments of the church,” said Joel Snider, the foundation’s executive director.  “The grant will bear the name of First Christian Church,” he added.  “They caught vision of the Foundation’s ability to help donors make a lasting impact in Rome and Floyd County.”

Church Makes other Gifts

Church members have been driving around town, distributing gifts to other non-profits, as well.   “It’s like playing Santa Claus, ” said one member.   “We’ve already seen the good that comes from the end of our life as a congregation.”

Also benefiting from these gifts are: the William Davies Homeless Shelter, the Community Kitchen, Star House, Open Door Home, Habitat for Humanity, and The Mission is Possible Foundation.

“Nor have we forgotten our heritage,” added Jane Slickman, who spoke for the members of the church “We’ve provided for Disciples of Christ ministries, including a fund that starts new churches.”

Slickman also said they made a contribution to Iglesias Pentecostal Church, the congregation that purchased their building on Second Avenue.  “We want to see them thrive in this location.”

Other organizations receiving contributions include DIGS of Rome for a women’s home, Rome High School’s Drama Department, and the AIDS Resource Council.

“The church may no longer meet,” said Snider. “But their mission lives on.”

Let us help you make an impact

If you are interested in ways to make a lasting impact in Rome and Floyd County, the Community Foundation can help.   Contact us a jsnider@cffgr.org, or call our office 706.728.3453.  We can find a solution that works for you. 





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