Blooms on Broad Launches This Week

Across the country, many community foundations are doing more than just providing funds for other charities. When the Community Foundation for Greater Rome began, we wanted to give back to the community in a way that created a legacy for years to come. A trip to Columbus, Indiana sowed the seeds of our new legacy


GIVE 2020

The Community Foundation for Greater Rome had an unusual start.  When it launched in late 2015, it had no money.  “All we had was the commitment of the people sitting around the table,” said Ashley Ellington the foundation’s first Executive Director.  From those commitments, however, great things have happened. In all of its funds, the


Greater Community Bank Builds Giving Capacity

Generosity isn’t just for individuals.  Greater Community Bank believes companies can be generous givers, too.  In order to build their resources for charitable giving, last year GCB established a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the Community Foundation for Greater Rome. David Lance, president of the bank said, “Our goal is to be a leading corporate


Meet Our Youngest Advisors

A couple of years ago, Pat and Wright Bagby wanted to do something special for their 50th wedding anniversary.  So they established a donor advised fund at our foundation. They added a special feature to their fund by designating their grandchildren as the fund’s advisors. Each December the grandchildren meet at Wright and Pat’s home


First Christian Church Makes Major Gift

The remaining members of First Christian Church are small in number, but large in hearts.  They sold their building months ago and in the last few weeks worshipped together for the last time.    But their ministry will go on in new ways. In November the remaining members voted to give away the proceeds from



The Community Foundation for Greater Rome has awarded its third cycle of grants from the Community Impact Fund to the Free Clinic of Rome, Elevation House, Living Proof Recovery, Coosa River Basin Initiative, and Communities in Schools.  Other funds at the Community Foundation have awarded additional grants to Living Proof Recovery, the Davies Homeless Shelter


Easier Tax Planning

It’s time to search for tax deductions.   Changes in the tax code can be confusing for some, but the Community Foundation can help many people.  Look at these real-world examples of how some people have used a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to to reduce their federal income taxes. Stacking (or Lumping) Contributions • Mr.