CRBI received one of our 2018 grants. They will use the two-thousand dollar award to run a summer program to monitor bacteria weekly at  popular boat launches in and around Rome. CRBI will inform local residents of potential bacterial hazards so they can make wise decisions whether or not to get in the water.

The project is scheduled to launch Memorial Day of 2019 and the equipment purchased will allow them to continue this program into the future with limited expenses for consumable testing equipment.

"We've been looking for opportunities to expand our water monitoring to include weekly sampling during the Summer and this CFFGR grant gives us the overhead necessary to purchase the needed equipment.  We believe this program will help inform local citizens of water conditions while also educating the general public about the broader concept of water stewardship."
Jesse Demonbreun-Chapman
CRBI Executive Director

To learn more about CRBI, check out their Nonprofit Profile here.