Summit Quest was the 2017 recipient of the CFFGR's annual Community Impact Grant. The grant funded the inaugural Basecamp Family Retreat, an empowering event for families to focus on renewal and fellowship. The retreat was designed to give joy, hope and strength to familes affected by cancer.

At the retreat, families participated in a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Making string art arrows, to remind families that all pieces of our lives are interwoven and affect one another
  • Potting flowers, which gave participants a chance to talk about the storms and droughts that come and go through life but result in “flowers” after a growing phase
  • Journaling to reflect about events and experiences
  • Paddle boarding to release a rock labeled with a burden during the reflection activity

Thirteen families were served by the retreat, which was also sponsored by Harbin Clinic Cancer Center, Redmond Regional Medical Center, Blue Sky Outfitters, Chick-fil-a and Dr. JC Abdou