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A couple of years ago, Pat and Wright Bagby wanted to do something special for their 50th wedding anniversary.  So they established a donor advised fund at our foundation. They added a special feature to their fund by designating their grandchildren as the fund’s advisors.

Each December the grandchildren meet at Wright and Pat’s home for a special dinner, during which the grandparents talk about Rome, their values and their aspirations for the future.  After dinner Wright and Pat excuse themselves while the five grandchildren discuss local needs and charities.  They then determine how to give away the annual distribution from the Bagby Family Fund of The Community Foundation for Greater Rome.  Their decisions are final.

Eventually, each grandchild will chair the annual discussion.  Next year Avery Smith takes over from her sister, Bailey.   “My understanding of giving and generosity has definitely grown since being a part of this process,” said Avery. ” I have a greater appreciation for the community around me and all the people willing to help each other.”

Both the lessons they learn and the gifts they make are significant.   Claudia Hamilton at LivingProof Recovery said, “Because of the gift from the Bagby Fund, we are able to purchase some major appliances for our new  transitional home. Future generations are participating  in generous relationships.”

If you are interested in establishing a fund to teach the value of generosity to your children or grandchildren, we can help you consider amounts, guidelines and giving principles.   It’s easier than you think.   Contact us today for a personal discussion.


  1. This very meaningful gift to LivingProof Recovery/NextDoor has empowered formerly incarcerated women into successful lives in our local community. Our residents are employed, saving money, reuniting with their children and learning life skills to further their futures. This gift allowed us to open the doors of this residence and showed us that others believe in second chances!

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